Are you concerned about your telephone bills. Do you change plans or wish to change your service provider because you’ve had poor experience with the huge mobile bills that you incurred. Or you are just researching to find what’s the best mobile service provider for your kind of mobile usage. Now you have a service that tells you exactly the service provider that you’ll need to cut your payments on the mobile bills. I am afraid this service is only available for Indian mobile users.

This service is called as YourBillBuddy and helps you know what is the best plan and which service provider is going to provide you with such a plan. As the site says and rightly so, there’s no one best plan for all the people. The best plan however depends on various parameters like:

1) Which provider are you on ?
2) Which providers do you call the most ?
3) Are the voice calls you make STD or Local ?
4) What time of day do you call ?
5) Are there some numbers you call most often ?
6) Are the calls you are making roaming ?
7) Are the calls being made to landlines or Mobiles ?
Same parameters apply on your SMS usage as well.

Now that I have managed to open your eyes to the parameters that affect your mobile bill, I am sure you are curious to know what plan will best suit your needs. Based on all the above information (which of course you have to share with the service YourBillBuddy) you’ll be given a best plan for the kind of usage you have.

This is calculated:
from the whole variety of plans available in your circle. With an average 6 Providers, 10 plans each, with around 8 Service packs available to go as a addon to the plan leaving you with a choice of almost 480 (6*10*8) plan + service pack combinations !! Of these roughly 500 plan combinations only ONE is best for you based on your usage.

You’ll have to submit your ebills of your current plan and service provider for the site to pick the heuristics and calculate for you the best plan available. Following is how the site promises to calculate your mobile usage pattern and come up with a plan for you which is the best plan available.

From your E-Bill we extract call details of each and every single call you make. For each call you make we determine the attributes of the call that effect the billing rate. The attributes we consider in our calculations are the service provider of the number called, units of call, your pulse rate in the current plan, type of call (STD/ISD/Local), Time of call, is the call made while Roaming, is the called number a landline or a mobile. Same extraction process is followed for every SMS you make. In short summary all the hundreds of calls and SMSs that appear in your E-Bill are extracted and the relevant details that will impact your bill are pulled up. This extraction is supported for hundreds of E-Bill formats available across Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, Tata Indicom and Idea.

The company says that after they’ve had your ebills and they have given you the best plan they also would give you free sms worth rupees 700 to be sent to your contacts. If you are concerned about the privacy, you might want to read their privacy policy here. Personally, I use a prepaid mobile and hence haven’t tested this service (for the lack of ebills for prepaid). However, if any of our reader would like to share their experience about the service, it’ll be great for us to rate it and for our other users to try it.

Also, I am delightfully surprised to see such a useful service being launched in India.

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