Rescue your cell from water

You always try to protect your cell from not going into water, but atleast once in its lifetime, it finds its way into water. That's a very sad moment. But does this mean that it's time to abandon your cell phone? No! Especially not if you try this home remedy.

  • First of all, take out the phone battery from the cell immediately. This will prevent electrical short circuits within the cell which can even burn the internal parts of your cell.
Cell Phone in Uncooked Rice
  • Next, gently wipe your cell with a tissue, and bury it into a jar full of uncooked rice. Yes, rice! Remember that the coconut is kept in dry rice to keep moisture away? It's the same logic that works here too. It has been found that rice has a high chemical affinity for water. In simple words, it attracts water. So, water doesn't stick to the cold metal of your cell, instead it is soaked by the rice, thus leaving your cell dry (well, almost dry).
Thanks to TOI


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