Who hasn’t dreamed of sporting the Dick Tracy watch-phone since they were a kid? Can you imagine having your phone, text messaging, contacts, email, music, etc. all in the palm of err. . around your wrist? Dick can, and now so can the rest of us. The once far-fetched dream prototype, now a market-ready device, will be shipping out to Asia, the Middle East, Australia, and Latin America in July 2009. The United States should expect the detective-like gadget to arrive in ’09 as well.

With the smart phone market booming and new technologies being introduced every day, what do you think the next big thing is? Could the LG GD910 watch-phone give the likes of Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry’s Storm a run for their money? Who knows, in the years to come, with two free hands, you may be streaming video calls from your waterproof watch-phone.

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