Get Boric Acid Powder (the same powder we use on carom board) which is easily available with any chemist. 100gms good quality should cost you less than Rs 50. Mix it 3-4 spoons of boric acid with 1 spoon sugar and a little water and milk and make paste out of it. Put it in a match box sort of a container and keep it in 4-5 places not easily reachable by kids. Insects will vanish and will not return for several months. It causes severe dehydration in insects and they die in the nests. Since insects eat each other the effect will be visible for several months.

Adding some more. If you have too many insects. Spray the liquid mixture of water, boric acid and a little sugar directly into the cracks where you suspect roaches have nests. This would be more effective.

It is safe for kids and has no smell but still keep it away from kids.

There are other paid methods like Godrej Hi-Care and other private agents whom will charge big amount but this technique is cheap and best.

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