After few issues related to Gmail security that exposed Gmail users to hijack attempts, Google has been consistently taking necessary measures to beef up and tighten the GMail security. Recently, Google has introduced SSL (secure socket layer) feature or secured connection in Gmail.

Sample slides of how it is hacked (courtesy of

How to be safe?

This is extremely important especially when you are using internet connection on public area such as airport (WiFi). By enabling this feature, it will effectively encrypt data being sent to and from Gmail, keeping your data safe from being retrieved by unrelated parties. You can enable this feature by clicking on the “settings” tab and scroll down to the bottom where you can see the following option.

Why such connection is not set to be secured by default I hear you ask. One of the reason why Google giving Gmail users an option to choose from is due to the trade off that need to be experienced by users. When secured connection is put in motion the connection will be a little bit sluggish because of the encryption and decryption process.


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