I believe once in a while you might came across this annoying message from Windows as you are trying to delete, move or rename a file. To make thing worse, even if you have shut down the process, the problem still persists and the blame should be on the DLL files or related files that are loaded to the active file. You might want to kill it manually but how do you know which one is the culprit?

Unlocker uses few methods to delete locked files, including attempting to close the handle, killing the process holding the file open, unloading the DLL that may have open the file handle etc. There are few more softwares that can perform the same task as Unlocker but as this particular software integrates with Windows Explorer, it can be simply accessed with a single right click on the filename within Explorer and window like in the following picture will popup.

If you have good experience with softwares other than Unlocker and would like to share it with readers here you are most welcomed to do so. So no more wrath when you get stuck with this problem (:


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