Are you struggling to keep your desktop clean and files in place? It’s tough to organize especially when you are researching on a topic/article and download files and software’s in the process.

Stardock’s Fences solves that issue, it helps you mark and assign areas on the desktop to a specific project. All you got to do is just drag and drop the files in the assigned area for the project and the files just stay there without mixing with other files.

Sample Screenshot:

Before I get into details let me tell you about one feature which is a mood changer, literally a mood changer. This feature is called Quick-Hide which lets you hide ALL your desktop files just by a Double-Click on the desktop, that’s all! Double-click again and they are back on the desktop.

Once the application is installed the first-time wizard fires up and you will be presented with options to create “Fences” on the desktop if not just right-click on the desktop and drag the pointer to create a fence. In addition to creating fences and dropping files into it.. you can simply right-click and drag over a group of icons to create a fence with files in it.

The software adds a few options to the right-click menu on the fence which let you Lock Fences, Edit Fences, Exclude this Fence from quick-hide, Rename Fence and Delete Fence.

It also lets you take snapshots of your desktop from time to time so that you can revert back to a particular layout if you want to.
Fences is a free software and works with XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The following video shows a demo of the software


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