Buying Android G1 in India could be possible soon. According to BS report, Ajay Sharma, country manager, HTC (India), said that the company will be looking to tie-up with a phone company to launch the HTC G1 in India in the month of December.

This is a good move by HTC as people who have been waiting for iPhone to hit India since a long time are still waiting for the prices to reduce before they buy their dream phone. In the meanwhile if HTC plans to launch the Android loaded G1 in India soon then it can pull a lot of potential buyers away from buying Apple’s iPhone.

iPhone was launched in India on 21th of August, however, it failed to sell in the expected volumes because of its price tag, Rs.31,000 for 8GB and Rs. 32,000 for 16GB. This is where HTC’s Android powered G1 could win over iPhone in India.

G1 does not come with a huge space such as 8 or 16 GB. It however offers a decent 1GB which can be enhanced using memory cards. Such specs on Android G1 are being considered as lack of features, but, we think it’s a smartly designed phone which can compete with iPhone in the markets where it is considered expensive.

Another thing that might favor HTC is that 3G network in India is not launched yet. So people who bought the iPhone 3G have not yet experienced the mobility on the iPhone 3G. December would be an ideal time for HTC to launch Android in India as the 3G services are expected to be launched around the same time.

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