HitMeLater is an excellent idea which makes email Snoozing not only possible but easy. Just forward any e-mail to 12@hitmelater.com and you will receive the e-mail you sent 12 hrs later. Similarly you can send it to 6@hitmelater or 8@hitmelater to snooz e-mail by 6 or 8 hours.

E-mail snoozing is also possible based on the day of the week. For example, monday@hitmelater.com or friday@hitmelater.com, etc..

It promises to be secure and spamfree and the best part - no registration required!
It would be great if this service could be used to alert, remind or wish others, however, it sends the e-mail back to the ID it received from and none other.
Well, we can always create a from with a custom e-mail address field to send e-mail to HitMeLater.com

FutureMe.org is another e-mail scheduling option available for use.

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