Maverick Mobile, An Indian (Pune based) company launched a new software at a technology conference in San Diego, Calif., recently. This application helps you recover your mobile phone or at least all the information on it if the phone is stolen.

This software is capable of sending you encrypted information about the phones location, you can also retrieve your phone contacts and disable to the phone remotely. Once the application is installed, it starts working in invisible mode and can be used only using predefined keys+password. After the installation the user needs to add a secondary number which receives all the reports in case the device is stolen.
This application reminds me of the movie “Home Alone 3” in which the miscreants are similarly tortured and harassed. Well this application certainly does not go to the extent of punching them in the face but does pretty odd things.

The moment it detects an unauthorized SIM change it locks/encrypts all the data on the phone which includes SMS, Photos, PhoneBook, etc.. It not only sends information such as new phone number, device id, country code, operator name and location to the secondary number but it also starts sending information about the incoming/outgoing calls, SMS’s received/sent along with the text or any new contacts added to the phone.
That’s not all; I’ve saved the best for last. These two features are my favorite. The phone offers something called “SPY Call”. In case the phone is stolen the owner of the phone can call using the secondary number which will be termed as a SPY Call, in case of spy call the loudspeaker and the MIC will be automatically activated, the incoming call will be received without any notification so that the owner can listen to the conversations happening around the phone. Even if the thief comes to know that the SPY Call is activated, he/she will not be able to terminate the call. Wicked Cool, Right?
Another thing it does is Raises and Alarm and Disables the phone. Just send a preformatted SMS from the reporting/secondary number and it will automatically start making loud sounds and will also flash a customized message with the Owners Name, Address, Alternate Number and Award price.
It is also known that the company has tied up with Nokia to offer this application pre-installed on selectd Nokia phones.
The site has a “Buy” option but is currently inactive. Their offical website is
The application certinly offers greta security and data backup featues, its just a matter of time before we start using it on our phones.


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