With the Internet penetration increasing in India with leaps and bounds, there are more number of people getting online. Social Networking sites are a craze in India. With orkut and facebook having great number of subscribers from India and some local social networking sites like BigAdda, anything that has a good number of Indian subscribers becomes a hit.

We wont get into the details of why the youth in India is attracted to social networking sites. We are going to take a look at yet another new social networking site launched exclusively for Indians. Yahoo announced that it has launched a new social networking site for Indian youth between 16-24 years bracket (I am not sure if I can become a member because I am over 24 :)).

The site is called as SpotM. Yahoo hasn’t given much details on the features of the site and I tried to get myself an invite (Still waiting). Also, if I were to use my logic the letter M in SpotM could mean mobile. Which means that the site will have compatibility for mobiles and features that’d unleash the power of mobile usage among the youth


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